Do you have an invention that you want to protect with a patent?

Ansons’ patent attorneys can advise on patentability, and prepare and process the patent application. Or perhaps you already have a patent and are concerned that somebody is infringing it? We can also advise on infringement.

Working through the patenting process

If you have looked into the patenting process, you’ll already know it isn’t exactly simple. With so many exclusions and criteria, how do you know if your invention fits the bill? Fortunately, our team of patent attorneys are here to make the process smoother. Give us a call so we can get started.

Patenting the right way

Remember the golden rule: never publicly disclose your invention, as prior disclosure could make it impossible to get a patent. Therefore, we recommend that you always talk to a patent attorney first. At Ansons, we are committed to helping you decide on the right commercial patenting strategy for your business.

How do I get a patent?

To get a patent, you must file a patent application including a technical specification, (with drawings where appropriate) at the Patent Office of each country where protection is sought. This specification is a legal document that describes the invention in detail and sets out the scope of protection for the invention. Preparing this document is a skilled job that should always be done in consultation with your patent attorney.

Once an application is filed in the UK or Ireland, or any other country that is a member of the Paris Convention, the date of the first filing is recognised as a ‘priority date’ for that invention in all of the Paris Convention countries. Applications in other countries can be filed up to 12 months from the first filing and still claim that priority date.

Enforcing a patent

Obtaining a patent for your invention can often be enough to discourage others from copying it. It helps if you mark your product so that others know that you are asserting your rights. If, however, you find that your invention is being used without your authorisation, we can assist you in enforcing the patent to stop infringement.

How we can help? We can…

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