When: 3rd October 2019

Where: Innovation Factory, Forthriver Buisness Park, 385 Springfield Road, BELFAST, BT12 7DG

Join us for a unique session that brings together two very different personalities who, through their shared experiences, bring a different perspective on how the design and legal process together can deliver on the trade mark challenge.

In the commercial world we live in protecting your intellectual property is essential.

Whether it’s working with an existing brand, realising a business concept or the naming and presentation of a new product taking the right steps to ‘own’ the signs which distinguish the brand, i.e. your trade marks, could play a key part in protecting the future growth of your business.

Whilst this may seem to be obvious advice, it is surprising how many organisations haven’t adequately protected the brands they trade under, which are essential to the success of their business, leaving them vulnerable to the threat of trade mark infringement.

Together, Brand Specialist Alan Davison and Trade Mark Attorney Cherrie Stewart provide two differing, but equally invaluable, views of the process and the challenges that may be faced when branding or re-branding and experienced insights into how, using both creativity and logic, you can be successful in securing your brand.