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News and Events 2020

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Protect Your Brand Workshops with Women in Business NI

Ansons are delighted to be working with Women in Business NI to bring you a workshop entitled "Protect Your Brand".


Every business has a brand and every brand has signs, i.e. trade marks, which serve to identify their goods and services to the consumer.  Adopting and securing good trade marks may play a pivotal role in protecting the growth and development of your business


10th January 2020, 9:30 - 11:30am at Everglades Hotel, Derry / Londonderry registered-trademark

Whether it's working with an existing brand or developing a new product, taking the right steps to protect your trade marks is essential.  This workshop aims to help you identify those signs which identify your brand and the What, When, Where, Why and How of protecting them.


Ansons' Trade Mark Attorney, Cherrie Stewart,has worked within the field of Intellectual Property for over 20 years.  As a Chartered Trade Mark Attorney, Cherrie specialises in advising brand creators and owners on trade mark protection and the enforcement of trade mark rights.  She conducts trade mark clearance searches, obtains trade mark registrations in the UK, Ireland, Europe and throughout the world and advises on infringement issues enabling her client’s to be secure in the use of their trade marks as they grow.


To find our more information or to book your place at one of two events click on the links below.

16th January 2020, 9:30 - 11:30am at Enterprise Causeway

If you haven’t already considered what New Year’s resolutions you should be planning and adhering to, we have a suggestion to make. Please remember to consider Intellectual Property (IP) at the start of a project. Don’t leave it until you have already made substantial progress, only to discover that there is a problem with the IP.


Protect your IP in the same way as you would any of your other business assets.


You can protect the following IP rights:


  - the branding of your goods / services using a registered trade mark;

  - the way your product looks using a registered design;

  - how the technology works using a patent; and

  - any literature or artistic work automatically using copyright.


At a minimum, at the start of a project you should record what is proposed, what problem you are trying to solve and who the inventor is.  It is also worth making a list of published documents you are aware of which solve the same problem in a less effective way.


As well as making sure that you protect your own IP, you should also ensure that you do not infringe anyone else’s rights.  If you want to use someone else’s IP you may be able to negotiate and come to an agreement, for example buying or licensing the relevant IP.


Be prepared to make your IP work for you.  Remember that you could profit by selling or licensing your IP as well as producing a product or providing a service yourself.  The better you protect your IP, the easier it tends to be to enforce it.


We look forward to assisting you with the above!  Please contact or for further info.

A New Year’s resolution suggestion

21st January 2020

Do you know what a trade secret is? Do you know how to go about identifying and protecting your trade secrets?  Click here to find out more about how you can manage these vital assets for your business.


How to protect your trade secrets

Adopting a new brand - cautionary tales

04th February 2020

Brands, often referred to as trade marks, are those signs which identify one company’s products and services from those of their competitors.  They can consist of words, logos, slogans, colours, noises, gestures, smells or a combination of these things.  Brands can be a company’s biggest asset; in 2018 Interbrand valued Apple’s brand at over US$214,480 million while Coca Cola was valued at nearly US$66,341 million with Colgate coming is at US$8,659 million.  Just like more tangible properties, brands can be sold, licensed and mortgaged and care should be taken to secure them.


To find out what can happen when things go wrong click here.

Untitled Ansons

12th February 2020

The general election is over, though the final government is far from certain. What is certain is that election slogans leave a lot to be desired, but did you know that they can be registered as trade marks?  Find out more here ...

Election Slogans – Do they make Good Trade Marks?


Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys.  

For more information click here 

Can ‘Robbie the Robot’ be an Inventor?

17th February 2020

The European Patent Office (EPO) has recently issued a decision on its approach to patent applications that designate artificial intelligence (AI) systems as inventors. In January 2020, the EPO published its reasons for refusing two patent applications where the inventor named on the applications was an AI system called “DABUS”.


To find out more click here

ANSONS at the Northern Ireland Manufacturing and Supply Chain Conference and Exhibtion - click here to see what we got up to

Lunchtime seminars


Ansons has moved the first of their lunchtime series on-line.


The first of the three sessions will be on World Intellectual Property Day, Monday, 27th April when we will provide an introduction into the world of Intellectual Property.


While we hope to hold the remaining sessions in our offices, if social distancing is still in operation we will move them on-line.  Details will follow nearer the events.


27th May 2020 - What, Why, Where, When and How of Patent Protection

24th June 2020 - What, Where, When, Why and How of Trade Mark Protection


For more information and to register click on the below Eventbrite link or contact us at

27th May 2020 - Intellectual Property - Patents 24th June 2020 – Intellectual Property - Trade Marks

Who is the real Boss?

Trade Mark owners, once they receive their Certificates of Registration, are always advised to police these rights to ensure that these rights are not diluted by a third party using or attempting to register a confusingly similar trade mark.


It can be daunting if one receives a cease and desist letter from a larger firm threatening proceedings in the light of what may actually be an innocent act but is in fact use of a similar trade mark that could cause confusion


To read more click here.

Trademark protection in a time of crisis and counterfeiting

Counterfeiting damages consumers’ goodwill and trust in a brand when they assume a counterfeit product is a genuine one.  To find out how to protect your brand at this time of crisis click here.

Misleading invoice alert regarding fake EUIPO decisions

Ansons would like to alert all clients and associates to the latest alert from the EUIPO. There is currently a new misleading invoice in circulation, which takes the form of a fake EUIPO decision. We would urge all users of the EUIPO to be vigilant about any communication regarding decisions and payments which they receive at this time.


“This misleading invoice uses the EUIPO’s logo, name, acronym and letterhead, and purports to be a decision signed by the Office. It is mailed to users from Madrid, Spain, and includes a demand for a “registration fee” to be transferred to a Polish bank account”


More information about the exact nature of the invoice, including a copy of the false invoice, and the steps you can take to ensure you are being careful can be found here at the EUIPO’s alert on their website.


If you have any concerns related to this matter, please contact Ansons at or MacLachlan & Donaldson at

27th April 2020 - Intellectual Property - An Introduction

Trade marks and environmental sustainability

In celebration of World IP Day 2020, 26th April, M&D are focusing our news posts this week on green and sustainable topics in support of the theme “Innovate for a Green Future”


To embrace a green future is a modern-day challenge in which we all play a role in attaining. Green businesses, technologies, products and services have increased internationally as consumers are more environmentally conscious. When making purchasing and lifestyle decisions, consumers look-out for green, low impact and sustainable brands which adhere to certain standards. To read more click here

Trade mark use in text

At M&D and Ansons, we advise clients on a variety of issues regarding the use of registered trade marks. One of the issues that we discuss frequently is the use of registered trade marks in text, in order to ensure that they are being correctly used.


For some general guidelines on how to use your registered trade marks in general text on your website or promotional material click here


Coronavirus Deadline Extensions and Remedies

Internationally, IP institutions have shifted their operations to adjust to the ‘new norm’ created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many IP offices are still physically closed to the public but have staff working remotely. Applicants and their representatives or personnel might also be working remotely from unlikely work environments and consequently, this situation may cause delays in receiving response or even disruptions to postal mail.


In view of these difficulties, IP offices have been extending deadlines to accommodate interested individuals and so as not to stall the IP system. We are outlining here the approach adopted by some of the main IP offices we communicate with and any foreseeable implications these changes may have on our clients. It is, however always advisable to check directly with the relevant IP Office for the most recent updates as the situation develops. WIPO has a full regularly updated COVID policy tracker which you can check for further information,


To read more, click here.